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Carlos Songi - Vocational student


Hey! I'm a 16-year-old vocational shcool student from Finland, this is my webpage where i'll post about myself and some other cool stuff.

Enthusiast with linux, cyber security, web development, coding with HTML/CSS/JS, flying drones and shooting airsoft. I also have experience with hosting servers in home network and outside.
With the most exprience with Arch linux, Windows, Windows servers, MDM and network simulations.

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About me

I'm from Estonia but I have moved to Finland 13 years ago. I've always been tech savy and always been interested in tech or electronics.

The most interesting thing i have done, has been coding this website. I thought to myself that coding is too hard and making wordpress site was easier,
but i've been wrong for the most part. Wordpress is a good tool but its not for me.

About my studies

Right now i'm a student and I study information and communication technologies.
I specialize as an IT-support person. My studies last about 3 years to complete, so I'm pretty beginning of my studies. On our studies we go more over, how to deal with tickets, configurate emails for clients, so called role-playing call with other student's and using Microsoft Server. I still have a long way to go with my studies, but I'm ready to learn new things in this field!